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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
4:04 pm
Book Review: "Getting Up & Down-My 60 Years In Golf" (2004)
Second chances in life are sometimes granted because we pray, work out and just plain luck out. Ken Venturi has had his share both on the golf course and in life.

Plot: KV discusses his life has an amateur and professional golfer while being a father and husband.

Likes: KV (with the help of Michael Arkush) tells how it was like for him to be at both the top and bottom of his game with great shot-by-shot description.; He never really judges current players but shows how today's game has gotten better and worst compared to his day.

Dislikes: KV sometimes talks about games not in the chronological order in relation to his life or his covering of them for CBS Sports.

Favorite Part: I liked the chapter about how he captained the US team for the 2000 Presidents Cup. He tells how he didn't let then US Pres. Bill Clinton (D-AR) push him around during the tournament, and he coached the team to not only win but win big.

Out of four star, I give this book 3 1/2 stars.

Current Mood: calm
Sunday, July 15th, 2007
3:54 pm
A pleasant Sunday diversion

One of the guys at work had a day pass to the inaugural Children's Hospital Invitational, held at the OSU Scarlet course, a brand-spankin'-new event on the Nationwide Tour, whose first winner just might be an amateur--who'd also be the first am to win a Nationwide event.

That OSU Scarlet is the work of Dr Alister Mackenzie is obvious as you walk 'round the greens. You can see the trains of thought that led right to Augusta National two years later. And it's kind of an odd layout, the Scarlet and Grey courses being interwoven. Thirty-six holes, 18 of which are a top-ranked collegiate course, in an urban setting spells tight fairways and a wee bit of claustrophobia. Add to that bunkers that are as artistic as they are menacing. And the par-3 Eighth is very reminiscent of the 12th at Augusta, except there are no trees. I'd also like to know who the sadist was who put the pin out in the little knob that sticks out into the pond... yeesh!

It's a fascinating course, and next year I think I'll take the weekend off work so I can actually spend time walking the whole course rather than just make a flying visit on championship Sunday and have to leave before the leaders even make the turn.

Anyway. Last I saw, amateur Daniel Summerhays is still tied at the top with Chris Nallen ... no one but Tjart Van Der Waalt is breaking away (or in his case, playing catch-up), and I expect no one will on this course.

It was an interesting feeling being at a tournament during actual play -- I go to the Memorial every year, but only ever the practice rounds. Of course, a brand new Nationwide event draws a much smaller gallery than an established and premiere PGA Tour stop ... but you could feel the seriousness in the air. I definitely will need to go back next year.

Watched Esteban Toledo for a while on the practice tee. I love his action. He picks his shot and hits it, no muss, no fuss. Saw Nick Flanagan, Skip Kendall and Franklin Langham play -- all steady, but unspectacular. It wasn't that long ago that I saw Flanagan as an invited amateur at The Memorial... they grow up so fast. ;)

I can definitely recommend going to a Nationwide event if you've never been. It's not as crowded as a PGA event, the ropes are closer to the action, and the golf is perhaps a little more harrowing, because everyone out there wants to get up in the big leagues as soon as they can. And it's typically a lot cheaper.

Man, I love this town. We might've lost our LPGA event, but since Nationwide headquarters here, they stepped up and filled the gap. Now if we can just get a Champions Tour event--here's hoping!

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
11:34 am
A Decade Follower And Soon To Be New Player
I just wanted to introduce myself to the community.

In 1997, I watched my first golf tournament on tv when I became curious about all the hype surrounding Tiger Woods in the Master's. Since then I have been hooked on the drama, characters and excitement of this sport. My favorite pro-golfer is Tiger Woods, so I try to catch the touraments he plays in.

I hope to get myself some golf clubs and start playing at the courses around my local area.

Well I look forward to reading the entries here so I can learn more about the game, and the pros do.

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, April 4th, 2007
9:42 pm
All right, here's my calls!

The Masters is at last upon us! And as I like to do, I'm gonna pick my top ten and we'll see how badly I screwed up come Sunday evening!

1.Tiger WoodsAre you kidding? He's coming off wins in the last two Majors and looking for another Tiger Slam, not to mention getting within one Green Jacket of Jack's all-time record of six.
2.Charles Howell IIIHometown boy with a hot hand is gonna make a run this year. I wouldn't be surprised to see him slipping on the jacket one of these years.
3.K.J. ChoiJust a gut feeling.
4.Chris DiMarcoBridesmaid again, or at least among them. But there's a Masters or PGA in this man's future, and he always plays well here anyway.
5.Geoff OgilvyThe man is going to prove that his US Open win was no fluke by backing it up with more strong play.
6.Phil MickelsonAugusta is a natural fit for Phil, and he always plays well here. But he's not going back-to-back.
7.John RollinsThis one from the stats--he's fourth all-around (and we all know Augusta tests that, and already has a few top-tens this year.
8.Bernhard LangerDer alter Mann has been playing like a junge lately, and experience counts for everything at Augusta.
9.Camilo VillegasSome rookie always amazes at Augusta, and Villegas, from what I've seen, knows no fear.
10.Robert AllenbyConsistency counts, and he has six top tens in his eight events this year.

And a major woo hoo to new Masters chairman Billy Payne for reinstating the "win and in" qualification!

Any agreement, disagreement, got your own top ten?

Sunday, September 24th, 2006
10:41 am
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
12:37 am
US Open
Who is your pick to win it, and why?

x-posted to golfers
Saturday, April 8th, 2006
8:19 pm
o/` It was twenty years ago today...o/`
This week marks the twentieth anniversary of the first Official World Golf Rankings. The only player in the top 50 in 1986 who's still in the top fifty twenty years later is proving it this weekend: the forty-second ranked player twenty years ago is today's twenty-seventh ranked (and former world #1) Fred Couples.

And there could be a lot of shakeups among the current #2 through #5. Goosen, Mickelson and Els all have a shot at replacing Vijay as the world #2.

Go Phil! (not that I'm biased... ;))
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
4:03 am
And off to green Augusta we go...

Just gotta love Phil's chances after his performance at the BellSouth, especially since the good folks at TPC Sugarloaf set the course up specifically as a warm-up to the National.

Anyway, here's my short list for the top ten, come next Sunday, in alpha order:

  • Chad Campbell--An up and down year so far this year, with good finishes at the Sony and Matchplay, and the win at the Hope.
  • Chris DiMarco--He's been knocking on the door so long at Augusta, one of these days it's going to just fall open for him.
  • Retief Goosen--Always strong at Augusta, and fairly steady so far this year. He may not make a lot of noise, but he's world #3 for a reason.
  • David Howell--Currently ranked #2 in ball striking on the Tour: tenth in total driving, sixth in GIR. That's a serious plus at the National.
  • Zach Johnson--Just a gut feeling here.
  • Tom Lehman--You know, he's knocking on the door of qualifying for his own Ryder Cup team, and counting the WGC Matchplay, he's got three top-tens on the year. He just might shine a little more brightly for Augusta.
  • Phil Mickelson--Phil's coming off that near-record result at the BellSouth, would love another green jacket and loves Augusta anyway... and he's been smiling that smile, the one he wore the whole week of the 2004 Masters.
  • Jose Maria Olazabel--One of the 'old timers' now, so to speak, he knows the course, his short game is still scary good, and he's on a good run.
  • Mike Weir--looks like he just might be waking up after a long drought.
  • Tiger Woods--Assuming Earl's health doesn't take a turn for the worse this week and call Tiger (or at least his attention) away, you can never count Tiger out.

Sunday night, we shall all gather to giggle at how wrong I will probably prove to be. ;)

Monday, March 27th, 2006
10:59 am
i havent been on here lately but for those interested in the lpga im attending their first major of the year this week and i'll be doing some journal entries for their website lpga.com

check it out :)
Monday, March 6th, 2006
8:38 pm
so how about that tiger woods? or even better camilo villegas. he sure is beginning to look like a star. however too many young players have shown promise then faded horribly the last few years.

two straight korean winners on the lpga to open the season, joo mi kim and meena lee. the lpga unveiled its new world rankings and a lot of controversy with michelle wie being number 3. now after her third place finish she moved to 2nd. i really think they need to revise them because the japanese tour is weighed WAY too heavily with 5 of their players in the top 17.

annika begins her season this week in mexico, i love watching her play. cant wait to see her in person again later this month.
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
6:51 pm
lpga season opener and predicts
im so happy the lpga season starts this week. i made predicts for the tourney as well as breakouts stars this year. its a great field despite annika not being there.

the youth movement is in full throttle and the tour is better than ever. besides the obvious im gonna make a list of the people who will and should make a mark this year in no specific order:

christina kim- with already two wins under her belt and getting more and more consistent by the week, i wouldnt be surprised to see her get a coupld more this year.

natalie gulbis- made history with the most money earned without a win last year over a million dollars. i can only hope she can keep up her amazing 2005 with a good year and her first win.

morgan pressel- a lot of hype on her as was on paula creamer. i dont expect ehr to win this year but i do think she'll finish top 30 year end easily

karine icher- had a really good 2005 getting herself into contention a handful of times including a good finish at the open, i think if she gets near the top again she'll close the deal.

nicole perrot- had a surprising win at the end of the year but also had contended several other times before falling off, after getting the win i expect her to continue to play well

ai miyazato- this certainly will be one of the most tightly contested rookie races with her, pressel and lang. miyazato has all the right moves and should win at least twice this year imo

brittany lang- had a surprising tie for second at the us open and is one of my faves. she has the length to take advantage of a lot of these courses

so there you have it watch out for all of them this year. now my top ten predicts for this weeks event:

1. christie kerr- ususally starts her years off good and came second here last year. this could finally be her year to come out from the shadows of annika and now creamer

2. soo-yun kang- another fast starter, had a breakout year in 05 and i expect big things from her this year

3. paula creamer- i dont know what her year will be like. i dont think it will be as good as before but i cant doubt her

4. carin koch- my fave, had a top ten here last year, and also has quick starts. if she gets in contention she never leaves

5. dorothy delasin- shes a member of the course and i really think she is due for a good year. fyi her sister is on the big break this season (divina) for those of you that watch that

6. jennifer rosales- defending champ, has been plagued by injuries but hopefully is fully healed

7. liselotte neumann- what a great year last year depsite not having a win, should get one this year

8. ai miyazato- dont know how she'll do out of the gate (hasnt had success in her previous lpga starts) but i think she'll get used to if fast. expect tiger like crowds she is a rockstar in japan and this event is heavily asian sponsored

9. angela stanford- has a good event here and there and this should be one of them plays well in the wind and it will be furious here

10. morgan pressel- 7 events played last year all in the top 25 along with her second at the us open. i beleive she won 11 ajga events last year also, shes ready.

ok so everyone pitch in, pun certainly intended.
Saturday, February 11th, 2006
7:26 pm
pros or celebrities?
am i the only one who thinks the pebble beach pro am is overrated? not because of the course, i love the course, but i hate that they spend the entire broadcast showing 20 handicapped celebrities and one or two pros an hour. yes its good fun for the fans but enoughs enough imo, cant wait til they actually show pros tommorow cuz oberholser and wier are two of my faves and it should be exciting especially without having to see bill murray doing his same schtick every year.
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
10:21 pm
other golf news
in other golf events tiger defeated els at the dubai desert classic, making it his 3rd playoff win over els, and bringing tigers playoff record to 13-1. he's two for two so far this year....could it be 2000 all over again?

and on the european ladies tour a 16 year old by the name of amy yang, an amateur won the anz ladies masters in australia. she defeated catherine cartwright in playoff. yang becomes the youngest winner of a proffesional golf event on any major golf tour. despite it being a european event, this was a very good field including 5 time champ of the event (including 4 in a row) karrie webb, laura davies and ai miyazato. im glad to see cartwright up there, she has done nothing so far in her career and has a lot of potential, hopefully she can keep this going when the lpga season starts.
5:58 pm
Holy Toledo!

Did you see JB Holmes' drive on 18 at the FBR? Heck of a way to put the exclamation mark on his first Tour win (in only his fourth start, no less). Man, I hope this weekend wasn't a fluke--he's gonna be fun to watch this season!

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
2:57 pm
Well, heck, as long as it's this early in the year...

Who's got predictions for the Majors this year? I'll stick my neck out first.

The Masters is my favorite of the four, hands down, and winners of The Masters are statistically far more likely to win multiple Majors, so I consider it to really identify the cream of the crop.

Obviously, ruling out Tiger is insane. Especially given his start on the year, he has a definite chance to become the first double back-to-back winner there. My sentimental favorite is going to be Chris DiMarco, who has done so well in so many majors the last few years, tho. He's knocked on the door so many times, it has to open eventually.

The US Open showed us last year that handicapping it is tricky on the best of days. This year it's at Winged Foot, home of Davis Love III's PGA Championship win... not to mention Bobby Jones' win in '29, Billy Casper's in '59, Hale Irwin's in '74, and Fuzzy's in '84. That tells me that the inventive golfer, not the longest, has an in this year. Tiger, obviously, but also Phil. Agruably Mickelson's best shot at a US Open until Bethpage Black returns in '09.

The Open Championship is my second favorite, and it's returning to Royal Liverpool for the first time in almost 40 years, so it's hard to judge. Jones won there in the Grand Slam year. Before him, Hagen and Taylor; after him, Thomson and di Vincenzo. I'm going to go sentimental again, and say that Monty finally wins the Major that should most be his.

The PGA Championship is sometimes the forgotten stepchild of the majors, and I'm arguably more guilty than most--frankly, I'd rather win The Memorial (the local TOUR event) than the PGA Championship, were I a pro golfer. Anyways, the last PGA winner at Medinah was Tiger, so yeah, we're looking at a three-for-four year quite possibly. If I had to pick a dark horse: Jason Gore, who I just love to watch play. :)

Monday, January 30th, 2006
3:03 pm
The Buick Invitational

So, was everyone trying to hand the tournament away yesterday? Wow. Every time anyone made a move, they got smacked right back down again. Anyway, that's number 47 for Tiger, who seems to have his scrambling tightly under control--good thing, since he no longer seems to have that same control over his driving. He's doggone well the best clutch putter since Nicklaus in his prime.

So, will this be another anno mirabilis for Tiger, or will Phil and Vijay find their putters (and Ernie his game)? And how about the new players on The TOUR? I'm hoping to see more of Jason Gore this year, m'self.

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
8:50 pm
womens world cup- sweden came through and won it quite easily. annika held up there team today as she shot a 70 and neumann shot a 77. the americans came in 4th, but had the best combined score today along with scotland who came in second (catriona matthew had the only round in the 60's today). if this week was any indication to this year annika will once again be on fire. she plyed great, some of the shots she hit, but neumann too. she played very well also. the koreans who i predicted to win this week, had a tough final round combined score of 9 over.

bob hope- chad campbell won his 3rd tour event over jesper parnevik and scott verplank. campbell certainly looks to be playing the best so far this season, i expect him to win at least once more by years end. im glad to see parnevik up there again as he was always one of my favorites. surprised the scores werent lower today but this course was supposed to be the toughest of the rotation.
Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
7:25 pm
womens world cup
so here are the pairings for the womens world cup of golf. im excited the new season is starting the LPGA is my fave (although the official season doesnt start til next month)

1 10:10 Lynette Brooky New Zealand
Gina Scott New Zealand
1 10:10 Dorothy Delasin Philippines
Ria Quiazon Philippines

2 10:22 Marta Prieto Spain
Paula Marti Spain
2 10:22 Becky Brewerton Wales
Becky Morgan Wales

3 10:34 Veronica Zorzi Italy
Silvia Cavalleri Italy
3 10:34 Minea Blomqvist Finland
Riikka Hakkarainen Finland

4 10:46 Anja Monke Germany
Miriam Nagl Germany
4 10:46 Amy Hung Taiwan
Yu Ping Lin Taiwan

5 10:58 Rachel Hetherington Australia
Shani Waugh Australia
5 10:58 Candy Hannemann Brazil
Luciana Bemvenuti Brazil

6 11:10 Meena Lee Korea
Bo Bae Song Korea
6 11:10 Gwladys Nocera France
Karine Icher France

7 11:22 Paula Creamer USA
Natalie Gulbis USA
7 11:22 Marisa Baena Columbia
Cristina Baena Columbia

8 11:34 Kirsty Taylor England
Laura Davies England
8 11:34 Lori Kane Canada
A.J. Eathorne Canada

9 11:46 Annika Sorenstam Sweden
Liselotte Neumann Sweden
9 11:46 Catriona Matthew Scotland
Janice Moodie Scotland

10 11:58 Ai Miyazato Japan
Sakura Yokomine Japan
10 11:58 Laurette Maritz South Africa
Ashleigh Simon South Africa

and.... here is my nerdy analysis. who will win:

1. korea- there are a lot of teams that could win and they might just squeeze this one out. korea finished second last year wil song and jang, this year rookie of the year runner up lee pairs up with song. if lee can set them up with her accuracy and song controls her nerves they could win easily.

2. sweden- how can you bet against annika? i just dont think this pairing sets up well for annika. neumann can be very inconsistent and not always accurate and her putting struggles mightly at times. if liselotte is on her game it will work well but i see a much stronger team in koch and sorenstam. oh well, despite neumanns play annika will hold her end up.

3. france- this will be the spoiler. i think they have an incredible team set up. if they both play their best they will finish top 3. icher had a break out year and had multiple chances to win last year, and nocera was a very strong player in the solheim cup last year. watch out for them.

4. usa- with as much talent as they have i guess im only putting them 4th because i wonder how well each will do after enormous years last year. creamer is working to get longer, which does not always help keep your game in shape, and with as good a year she had last year you wonder how she will come out starting the season. gulbis had an incredible year and appears (but only appears) to have lost her inconsistensy. im hoping it stays that way as she is my 2nd fave player, but im apprehensive about them. probably the best team though talent wise.

5. japan- miyazato will have to carry the team. yokomine had a good year on the jlpga but has never tested her game against the best. defending champions.

6. scotland- moodie is always hit or miss and matthew is always consistent. if the good moodie comes out this team will surely be up there.

7. canada- this is anaother good team on paper. eathorne had a good year last year and kane is always consistent despite what was her worst year last year (she still did ok. her 4th at the us open (which became 2nd place prize money thanks to two amateurs ahead of her) helped her on the money list)

those are the only teams i see contending. though i'll take a guess as to where they will all fall:

8. england
9. australia
10. columbia
11. italy
12. finland
13. brazil
14. spain
15. philippines
16. new zealnd
17. taiwan
18. germany
19. south africa
20. wales

so im not sure is anyone else are lpga fans here but chime in. thoughts? predictions?
Monday, January 16th, 2006
9:40 pm
After two events heres what the money list looks like:

1 Stuart Appleby $1,238,950
2 David Toms $1,048,000
3 Vijay Singh $813,600
4 Jim Furyk $578,950
5 Chad Campbell $448,800
5 Rory Sabbatini $448,800
7 Vaughn Taylor $311,003
8 Bubba Watson $244,800
9 Lucas Glover $217,000
10 Carl Pettersson $211,500
11 Nathan Green $204,000
12 Sergio Garcia $195,000
13 Peter Lonard $188,503
14 K.J. Choi $185,600
15 Justin Leonard $185,000
16 Bart Bryant $175,000
17 Mark Calcavecchia$174,260
18 Charles Warren $158,950
19 Jason Bohn $150,363
20 Tim Petrovic $150,000
20 Wes Short, Jr. $150,000
22 Robert Gamez $134,363
23 Geoff Ogilvy $130,000
24 Stewart Cink $127,500
24 J.B. Holmes $127,500
26 Olin Browne $103,639
27 Shane Bertsch $98,600
27 Jerry Kelly $98,600
29 Fred Funk $89,356
30 Brad Faxon $89,149
Friday, January 13th, 2006
8:55 pm
Sony Open round 2
Good for Michelle. A 68 to finish and even through all of her bogies she still had an outside shot to make the cut (assuming she could have played -4 the last 6 holes). 7 birdies is something to be proud of and even more so her 4 birdie run mid round. It just shows that she is nearly if not as good with her mid irons as the men (she hit them so close today). She has to keep it in the fairway if she wants to play with them and obviously stop missing 5 footers ( i keep waiting for the day she starts making them....she seriosuly could be the number 1 woman golfer is she was even slighty better at putting. As amazing as Annika is I still think Michelle is better with her irons and that is saying a lot because Annika is fantastic)

Not sure what other events Michelle will play on the PGA this year (assuming John Deere and Ive heard she could use her full 7 sponsor exemptions this year, should be interesting). I know she will play in the SBS open on the LPGA in about a month, the Kraft Nabisco (which I will be attending), the Evian Masters, Mcdonalds, British, US Open (if she qualifies) Samsung. Thats all im sure of at the moment. That still leaves 4 events on the lpga because the majors dont count as sponsor exemptions if she has to qualify to get into (shes already exempt into the mcdonalds and british as well as nabisco).

As for the weekend at sony, interesting to see stuart appleby up there again. And good for villegas, right in contention. Should be fun.
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